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3 Easy Steps to Infrastructure Optimization

In a world where companies are constantly searching for opportunities to cut down on costs, there is one area where cost cutting is surprisingly easy: IT. Reducing costs and expenses is often associated with layoffs, followed by decreases in productivity. The simple task of infrastructure optimization is a process that allows companies to cut down on costs without implementing those layoffs or sacrificing productivity.

The efficient use of IT can be a big player in determining the overall success of a company—and this fact is especially true in technology-based organizations. It has been observed that companies who are able to efficiently manage their IT generate returns that are 40% higher than those of their competition.

Ready to get started? First off, utilizing lower-tier data centers is a critical step in core infrastructure optimization. Higher-tiered data centers carry a much higher price tag than lower tiered data centers. And although changing data centers may not be an option for some companies due to a specific need for power that a higher-Tier III or Tier IV data center may provide, most companies can benefit financially from making an adjustment—even one level—that will still meet their needs while realizing a savings.

Next step? Take a look at consolidating the number of data centers your company utilizes. If a company employs a large number of data centers, they obviously will bear a greater financial burden than a company with a smaller number of efficiently utilized data centers. By consolidating that number, your IT infrastructure will be more efficient, create flexibility in your network and simply make good business sense.

Finally, the third way a company can optimize an infrastructure is something not only easy, but quite accessible: organization. IT floor space is expensive, and making sure cables are neatly connected and organized can go a long way to saving a lot of real estate. Simplifying the network cables, and grouping those cables by function or process is a small change that can help companies see big savings.

Businesses are always looking for competitive advantages and ways to increase margins and profits, and IT infrastructure optimization is one of the most efficient ways for businesses to meet that goal. Get started with the three simple steps outlined above and see those improvements result in a competitive advantage that pays off big in efficiency, as well as the bottom line.