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How Reliable is Cloud Storage?

            Cloud computing is the product of several technological advances our world has seen in the past few years. It allows users to store data on remote servers, rather than on hard drives on their devices. While cloud storage is a great way for tech users to gain more storage space, there have been a lot of concerns with the reliability of cloud storage. Two of the main concerns are privacy and reliability.

            Recently there was a massive scandal involving photos leaked off of celebrities’ iCloud accounts. These stolen pictures had many cloud users wondering if their data really was secure. There are three main steps to secure data that is saved on the cloud: encryption, authentication, and authorization. Essentially, if you keep your account information confidential you should not have any major security issues with cloud storage. As with anything, exceptions to the rule exist and there is still an incredibly small chance someone could find a hole in the security and access cloud data. However, companies are actively working every day to eliminate those possible access points. For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced recently that the loophole to iCloud that allowed the hacker to steal celebrities’ photos had been identified and eliminated. Cloud storage comes with a few security issues, but the numbers of those issues is being reduced every day.

            The other main concern is reliability. Since cloud storage involves saving information in a remote location, the hosting servers could go down and make your cloud storage inaccessible. Similarly to security, reliability is an issue that is being improved every day. Cloud storage used to be spotty, but today it is rare for any data stored on a cloud to be inaccessible for any extended period of time.

            Ultimately, nothing is one hundred percent secure: you could spill a drink on an external hard drive and lose the data on it. Privacy and reliability have been the biggest knock on cloud computing, but with daily improvements, cloud computing is as secure and reliable as ever.