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New Google Glass App Could Save Firefighters’ Lives

Over the past decade, the world has seen technology advance at an incredible rate. From the evolution of the smartphone to devices that create a virtual reality, our world is quickly changing thanks to new technological inventions. Google Glass, a pair of glasses with a screen on them, is one example of a product that seeks to change the way we look at the world around us.

While many people have benefitted from the entertainment value that new technology brings, another positive aspect that new technology provides is making the world around us safer. One firefighter is using Google Glass to do just that. Patrick Jackson is a firefighter and programmer from North Carolina who recently came up with the idea to develop an app for Google Glass that will make the job of firefighting much safer.

Jackson’s app will provide firefighters with the critical information needed to help them do their job more effectively. Upon approaching a fire in progress, firefighters will be able to view floor plans of the building before they enter. This can be particularly helpful if the building has low visibility due to smoke. Another feature the app could have is providing firefighters with extraction diagrams for when someone is trapped in a car after a wreck. While those are the two main features that Jackson has planned, the app also features minor features like the ability to locate nearby fire hydrants and receive messages from dispatch.

While the app is still a work in progress, Jackson expects to have everything up and running in only a couple of months. He hopes that his app will make the job of a firefighter easier, and ultimately save lives.