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Type C USB Finalized

Even though our world is going wireless, there is one cord that remains a big part of everyone’s lives: the USB cord. Whether you have the need to charge your phone or plug your mouse into a computer, chances are you have used a USB cord before.

Earlier this week the USB promotional group announced the completion of the USB 3.0 Type C. It looks to solve many of the problems caused by older models, and will all-around  be more efficient than past USB cords.

So what does this mean for the consumer? Since the type C USB is just being integrated into the market, it may take a while for these to be widely used in consumer goods. It is designed to be symmetrical, so unlike past USB models, you will not have to worry about whether or not you are plugging the Type C in correctly. The type C also can carry a larger current, meaning that devices that are being charged with a Type C USB will charge more quickly.

To allow easier plug-in, the Type C USB is a lot smaller and slimmer than previous models. This is a convenience for consumers, but could also impact consumer electronics. A slimmer USB will allow companies to produce slimmer electronics. Future smart phones may be sleeker, and new laptops may be lighter than ever before.

Expect to see the Type C a lot in 2015. The convenience and added features it provides consumers will lead to its integration in several popular electronics. Its impact on consumers will be apparent, but its effect on the design of future electronics may be the most impactful result of this new technology.