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Business Intelligence

In a recent survey of CIOs from large enterprises, implementing effective Business Intelligence (BI) solutions was identified as one of the top five priorities in their organizations. Midsized organizations, on the other hand, often have a difficult time introducing BI as a viable day-to-day management tool based on the cost and complexity of delivering a solution.

BI solutions are often expensive to put in place and even more expensive to maintain. And just like business, a BI solution must be able to change quickly, evolve with market demands and meet the daily needs of management. BI solutions, by their nature, require a dedicated team to focus on keeping the solution in sync with management demands.

Solution: Deliver a hosted BI solution where delivery and maintenance is handled for you.


• Corporate Perspective
• Growth Metrics
• Performance Alerts


• P&L Metric Analysis
• Divisional/Departmental
• Data Analysis - What If?

Line Management

• Short-to-Mid Term Goals
• Customer Satisfaction
• Product/Service Quality

On-Demand Delivery

The VMT hosted Business Intelligence platform provides the combined capabilities a midsized organization needs to gain the power of BI. Based on Microsoft’s SharePoint, the platform combines:

• Web-based, hosted BI infrastructure platform with failover capabilities
   ° VMT can also host the BI platform within your network walls
• Pre-configured BI solution with metrics defined and delivered
• Data warehouse - ability to extract data from multiple data sources and combine
   in a powerful data warehouse
• Flexible dashboard and scorecards
• Customization services to tailor the solution to meet your unique needs
• Ongoing maintenance of the data connection points and available metrics
• Graphical delivery options for users

The VMT Hosted BI Platform retrieves data from your data sources, prepares the data in our data warehouse and delivers actionable data to your users. Data updates can occur in real time or at intervals defined by your end users’ needs.

For more information on how you can take advantage of the VMT Hosted BI Platform, contact your VMT representative.