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Colocation Services

VMT provides hosting and colocation customers with multiple state-of-the-art data
centers featuring redundant network configuration, high-speed Internet connectivity,
state-of-the art security systems and procedures. Secured customer access is
available 24x7x365.

Data Sheet

Data Center Overview .
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One Dual Backup Diesel Generators
Secondary Power Backup

Two Redundant Air Handling Systems

Three UPS - first level
power backup

Four Data Center
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data center

Data Center Colocation Services

Security24x7 manned security; security cameras record movement
Power InfrastructureData Center power is fully redundant. Each cabinet has dual, separate power feeds, UPS system, twin diesel generators.
Power DistributionRedundant PDUs provide power to cabinets.
Temperature and HumidityTemperature and humidity is monitored 24/7 and maintained at optimum levels.
Fire SuppressionPre-action fire suppression system utilizes dry pipes.
Internet ConnectivityData center has multiple ISP providers configured for failover redundancy.