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Hybrid Infrastructures

VMT can manage your entire infrastructure - both on-premise and in the cloud. A Hybrid Infrastructure assumes a multi-location infrastructure in which portions of your wide area network are housed on-premise while other portions are housed at our hosting facilities. VMT can provide the hosted infrastructure at our secure data centers while remotely managing your on-premise infrastructure.

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Managing a Distributed Infrastructure - Combining the power of your Private Cloud and on-premise infrastructure as a Hybrid Cloud.
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What is a Private Cloud? How does it fit into your infrastructure strategy?
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VMT can manage your infrastructure as one integrated unit.

Hybrid Infrastructure attributes:

Integrated Infrastructure ManagementVMT can manage your infrastructure as one integrated unit including your hosted components and your on-premise components.
Network-in-the-CloudVMT can implement a network design that establishes physical and virtual nodes.
Private Cloud IntegrationYou can integrate your Private Cloud infrastructure with your on-premise infrastructure - managed as one logical unit.
Multi-Location EnvironmentsIf you have a multi-location enterprise, VMT can provide a combination of Private Cloud hosting services and on-premise Managed Services.
Data BackupVMT provides complete data backup services with retention levels defined by you.
ReplicationVMT can configure a replication environment for failover redundancy of your mission critical application(s).
Failover redundancyYour infrastructure will have full failover redundancy providing seamless application uptime.
Windows / LinuxYou can configure your infrastructure using specific version levels of Windows or multiple types of Linux operating systems.
Controlled access for enterprise applicationsUser access is secure and encrypted.
SQL Server DatabaseVMT can provide the SQL Server database licenses.
Database Administration and TuningVMT offers database administration tuning services for SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL and DB2.

Here's some of the information we will need to quote your Hybrid infrastructure. Please click on the link below to tell us what you need.
  • Number of servers needed
  • Operating System
  • Processor requirements
  • Number of processors needed
  • Memory (RAM) requirements
  • Storage requirements
  • If Colocation Services are needed, please specify cabinet space required.
  • Do you require the SQL Server DBMS?
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