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IChannel by Conarc

iChannel Intranet Document/Content Manager

A web-based collaborative content manager that is seamlessly linked to multiple in-house applications and publishes client related information to private extranet client sites. With indexing, versioning, online discussion, and extensive search and sort capacity, this powerful integrated solution is the central system to a high efficiency paperless environment - the vehicle to identify, categorize, and store important company knowledge.

  • Document Management/Collaboration
  • Customization to integrate with legacy systems
  • Full Boolean text search across the entire repository
  • Content discussion capacity (threaded to document)
  • Versioning of documents
  • Automatic email notification on activity with documents
  • Check-in, check-out of document with history of activity
  • Centralized and/or decentralized document storage
  • Strict security of access based on Groups and Users
  • All files are maintained in their native formats
  • Open file structure that can be readily mapped to any format

iChannel CRM

Centralized client, contact, and transaction information that will help serve clients’ needs more effectively, thus building a closer relationship. The integrated CRM solution is linked to the firm’s in-house applications, therefore publishing and maintaining consistent client records throughout the organization. The CRM is integrated with Microsoft Outlook™ so that iChannel’s centralized contact database can be bi-directionally synchronized with each individual’s personal Outlook.

  • Clients
  • Contacts
  • Calendaring
  • Activities – Meetings/Tasks/Email/Reminders/Faxes/Notes
  • User Defined Fields

iChannel Extranet Portal/Private Client sites

A private web secure repository (cabinet) with collaborative features where the client portfolio is published and the client relationship maintained. In addition, clients have the capacity to utilize this application granting controlled privilege for collaboration with their customers and other outside parties. Contains the same features as the Intranet/Document manager.

iChannel Email Management

iChannel has been integrated with Microsoft Outlook™ to deliver comprehensive email management. Emails received into Outlook can be auto-forwarded to the correct file area in iChannel. Sent emails are similarly captured by iChannel. Email aggregation in iChannel allows the user to rapidly filter, sort and search. Emails can now be tagged with a topic to allow logical grouping.

iChannel also manages email attachments that are kept in a separate area in the storage and pointed to by the stored email that is now a database record. This removes the problem of saving multiple copies of the same attachment.

Emails can be readily generated and sent from within the iChannel application. A copy of the email is automatically saved to the appropriate file area. Files to be emailed as attachments can be easily selected, zipped – with a password if desired – and dispatched with two clicks of the mouse. Attached files have their history automatically updated with who sent them plus when and where they were sent.

iChannel ScanStation

The ScanStation module monitors network folders associated with each scanner and/or fax server, converts the scanned/faxed TIF images on-the-fly to PDF files and places them in the appropriate individual’s or department’s queue/inbox. Any new item appearing in queue triggers an email notification to the owner that new documents have arrived for processing.

  • PDF files are automatically OCR’d to give full text search
  • Supports any type of scanner and/or fax server
  • Supports front-end and/or back-end scanning
  • Supports centralized and/or distributed scanning


  • Keep pace with customer demands
  • Provide service across all communication channels
  • Improve customer retention
  • Meet growing capacity demands
  • Integrate activities of customers across channels
  • Links to front and back office systems
  • Increase coordination of various marketing and sales campaigns
  • Create enhanced one-on-one marketing capability
  • Cross-sell/up-sell services to clients
  • Reduce call volume