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The Importance of Backing Up Your Data

Majority of businesses today run their business primarily on computers. Whether it’s filling out spreadsheets or plugging numbers into an analytics program, computers are of paramount importance in the business world. Majority of the typical business’s data is stored electronically in some form. While the convenience of saving something once and being able to access it easily when it is needed is great, many companies run the risk of losing valuable information due to not properly backing it up.

There are several different ways in which a business can choose to back up its electronic data. One such option is creating a backup on a hard drive. A business that backs up its data on a hard drive can choose to create a back up at different intervals of time throughout the year, be it daily, weekly, monthly, etc. This is a very straightforward method of backing up data, and is one of the most common methods. If anything happens to the computers or servers, reconnecting the hard drive with the backed up information can restore all data. The main issue that a company may face with a physical backup hard drive is damage to the hard drive. If someone spills something on the hard drive or drops it, the hard drive could be damaged.

Another way to store data is through cloud services. Cloud services allow businesses to store data on remote servers. This is a lot easier than a physical backup because cloud storage can be updated without downloading backup files onto an external hard drive. Users can set time intervals for their data to automatically back up to the cloud servers. The main disadvantages with cloud storage are security and reliability. However, recent advances in cloud technologies are making storage safer and the servers are rarely down.

Businesses need to back up their data. While the methods different businesses choose may differ, businesses won’t face issues if their computers are compromised as long as the data is backed up.