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V-NET™ Infrastructure Management

Your IT infrastructure, an interlaced matrix of software and hardware components, is the core of your computer system. When configured and managed properly, your IT infrastructure will support the productivity and growth needs of your organization.

A company's IT infrastructure is comprised of many complex components - servers, operating systems, network software and hardware, security systems and more. Most often, these components come from different vendors and are difficult to configure and difficult to maintain. The fact is there are a myriad of variables that can impact an information system day-in-and-day-out. When it breaks, your business is impacted.

Our V-NET infrastructure management services proactively manage all network components - for both single and multi-locations. We monitor hundreds of metrics that determine the overall health of your infrastructure and alert our technicians of any deviations from pre-established norms.

Here is a summary of some of the infrastructure elements managed:

V-NET Service Overview

Server Management
  • 24/7 monitoring of file, application and web servers
  • 24/7 monitoring of operating systems, databases and
    network interfaces
  • Windows and Linux environments
  • Proactive management of all components
  • Resolve performance and security issues

Network Management

  • Manage Local and Wide Area Network performance, security and integrity
  • Manage single or multi-location networks
  • Monitor and analyze network traffic
  • Monitor Virtual Private Network (VPN) performance for remote users

Security Management

  • Network security assessment
  • Implement security infrastructure
  • Install and maintain firewall, anti-virus software, VPN remote security
  • Manage system-wide security and integrity


V-NET Workstation Management includes:

  • Remote management of all desktops/laptops
  • Help Desk (email contact and telephone contact)
  • Manage Windows updates
  • Manage virus scan and spam filtering
  • Manage email performance at desktop/laptop
  • Troubleshoot common hardware issues
  • Coordinate and track system updates
  • Prevent or solve Windows errors
  • Inventory and asset tracking
  Enterprise Messaging
  • Manage and host email servers
  • Exchange Server design and deployment
  • Hosted email solutions
  • Manage release upgrades
  • Monitor/resolve system integrity and performance issues

Data Recovery

  • Continuous back-up of data
  • Off-site data protection
  • Multi-location support
  • Expedited data recovery

Database Management and Administration

  • Oracle and SQL Server
  • Ongoing tuning and maintenance
  • Patch management
  • Version upgrade migration services

Disaster Recovery Risk Assessment and Planning

  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Plan preparation and maintenance
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