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What is a Hybrid Cloud?

The next big thing in storage is cloud computing. Cloud computing allows users to store data on remote servers. This allows consumers to free up space on their local hard drives and gives consumers many more options for data storage. While public cloud computing itself is a great option for business’s data management, many companies are opting to use something called the hybrid cloud.

So what exactly is the hybrid cloud? The hybrid cloud is essentially a mix between public and private clouds. The public cloud is what most people think of when the topic of cloud computing comes up. The public cloud is a server hosted by a third party that remotely manages your data. The private cloud consists of information stored within a company. This is not easily accessible and usually features limited access and heightened security.

Due to the nature of these two types of cloud storage, many companies are using hybrid clouds. A hybrid cloud allows companies to use the strength of each type of cloud computing. For example, a company would use the email storage capabilities of a public cloud because that data is very easily optimized in public cloud computing. However, information like client lists and data associated with day-to-day operations would be left in the private cloud. This would ensure that the information vital to a business is secure and easily accessible. Another reason a company could use hybrid computing is if they wish to rely primarily on a private cloud, but do not have enough storage space. Outsourcing some of the storage to a third party would allow a company to store all of its data.

While the idea of cloud may be new to some, the technology behind this service is already advancing to accommodate the needs of its users. Employing the features of a hybrid cloud just might be the answer for today’s complex data storage demands.