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Why Microsoft Office 365 is the best yet

With all of the new hardware releases over the past few years, it is easy to overlook the improvements that are being made to software. Microsoft’s Office is an example of a software suite that has been constantly updating and improving since its inception. The recent release of Office 365 appears to be the best one yet, and here’s why.

First off is accessibility. You have probably encountered the issue of saving a file on a computer, only to not be able to access the computer when you need the file. Office 365 allows for cloud saving, so everything you create in Office can be accessed with a laptop, phone, tablet, etc. As long as you have an internet connection, your data will be available. Businesses can all access the most current version of a document by logging into the cloud servers, and employees will no longer have to wonder if the document they are looking at is the most current version. This cloud storage is the biggest change between Office 365 and pervious versions of the software.

Another reason that Office 365 is one of the best pieces of software available is the productivity it allows. Microsoft has looked hard at what functions users need most in their software, and make these functions easy to use. Office’s new user-friendly interface allows people to create documents while worrying more about content than how to find things in the toolbars.

Office 365 is similar to the previous version, Office 2013, in many ways. However, the addition of a cloud server for document storage and a slightly improved user interface make Office 365 the most useful office software suite Microsoft has released yet.